3 Marketing Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

Successful pensive woman owner of small business selling goods made in pottery shop drinking tea

Starting up a small business can be very complicated. As you navigate the road to opening your company, you are sure to hear advice from just about everyone. Still, you don’t want to implement a massive adjustment to your plan simply because your neighbor’s cousin’s best-friend told you it was a good idea. You want […]

The Road to Reopening

Namibia, woman walking on the road to Spitzkoppe

As many states begin to reopen for business, you may be left wondering how exactly you should approach this new change in the world. Is it best to reopen right away? Can you continue to offer all of the services you once featured? How will the customer experience change? These are questions that many, if […]

Stay Connected with Your Customers

Staying connected while physical distancing

If you can’t see your customers due to social distancing, it is essential to stay connected in other ways. Throughout the history of your company, you have worked hard to build relationships and gain trust, so don’t disappear on your clients or customers at a time like this. Now more than ever, it is essential […]

The Impact of Social Distancing on Marketing

Social Distancing in Office

The world around us is changing due to social distancing, and the way we interact with our customers is changing too. As we navigate this strange new world, it is crucial to stay up to date with the marketing best practices and implement them in your strategy. Keep reading to discover how social distancing has […]