How To Choose The Best Keywords For Plumbers

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How To Choose The Best Keywords For Plumbers

Search engine optimization (SEO) keywords help your website rank organically in the search engine results. When a customer searches for a keyword like “plumber in california,” websites with that exact keyword in their content rank more highly than non-optimized websites. With some inspiration and keyword research, you can find keywords that drive customers to your plumbing business.

Ask Yourself What Customers Search For

What do you search for when you’re looking for services? If you’re looking for a restaurant, you might type “seafood restaurant near me” in the Google search bar. Your visitors follow a similar process. They’re not going to type your company’s name in the search bar–instead, they’ll perform a generic search for plumbers in their area. You need your site to rank highly on the search engine results page to earn their business.

Start by making a list of potential keywords. Don’t worry about high-ranking keywords yet–just list everything that you can come up with. Your keyword list might start like this:

  • plumber
  • plumbers
  • local plumbers
  • professional plumbers
  • plumbing services
  • toilet plumbers

Use Google Suggest to get more ideas for keyword research. Type in a word like “plumber” in the box, then view the suggested searches to see what customers are searching for. You’ll find additional keywords like “plumber for water heater” and “plumbing service rates.”

Consider Local Keywords

When Google performs a search, the algorithm automatically takes the customers’ location into consideration. That’s why you get local results when you search “coffee shop near me” without including your city. Local keywords help your website rank higher in the search engine results. However, since most web content writers use second person, you can’t include “plumber near me” in your content without breaking the flow.

Add locations to your keywords to rank organically in the Google results. For example, if you work in Phoenix, AZ, you could include keywords like this:

  • plumbers in phoenix az
  • toilet plumber in phoenix az
  • plumber for hire in phoenix az
  • local plumber in phoenix

If you have multiple locations, make a landing page for each location with its own set of keywords. This allows you to rank highly in each location without stuffing all your local keywords into one page. For example, you could have one page for your Phoenix, AZ location and another for your Long Beach, CA location that utilizes the respective local keywords.

Use Keyword Research Tools

Once you’ve made a keyword list, use keyword research tools to narrow down your options. SEMrush shows you keyword variations and search volumes so you can add relevant keywords to your site. For example, when you search “plumber” on SEMrush, you might find alternative keywords like “arizona plumbing” and questions like “How much does a plumber cost?” that you could answer on your website.

While keyword research tools show you the basics, you’ll need to pay for advanced features–and the information is challenging to wade through. SEO specialist services perform keyword research and integration on your behalf to save hours of work on your part.

Talk to an Online SEO Consultant

In addition to search engine optimization, iZone Marketing offers web design, digital advertising, social media management and reputation management to keep you ahead of other plumbers in your region. With our help, you’ll boost your rankings, drive more traffic to your website, earn more customers and build on your existing reputation.

iZone Marketing starts with a free consultation that evaluates your website’s SEO, including your search engine rankings, local listings, reviews and competitors. Sign up to get your results, then book a free 30-minute call to discuss what SEO specialist services do for your business.

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