How To Increase Social Media Followers (Part Two)

Social Media
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  1. Offer Incentives or Giveaways For People To Follow/Like/Tag People In Your Posts
    Offer your social media followers exclusive discounts, freebies, or coupon codes.
  2. Use Humor/Memes
    Putting emotions into your posts (positive or negative) is great for increasing sharing. Posting funny or happy content will get more sharing overall.
  3. Reshare Other People’s Content:
    Share posts, images, and tweets from other businesses, and they’ll be more likely to share yours.
  4. Be Relatable:
    Let your followers know you’re a real person rather than a faceless business; this will make sharing your content with their friends feels less of a risk.
  5. Optimize Your Accounts for Engagement
    Create your own hashtag and encourage people to use that in their posts to help grow your brand.
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