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No matter what industry you are in, social media plays a large role in every aspect of your success, from marketing schemes to industry trends and even advertising! So, even if you personally aren’t a fan of social media, it’s essential to learn the best practices to help your small business succeed. Keep reading to discover some social media hacks that will boost your growth.


Use Micro-Influencers to Get More Exposure

In our previous blog post, we talked about the importance of influencer marketing, and we are again reminding you of its capabilities. If you can find a local influencer who has a strong following among your target audience, you can partner with them to get your name and products out there. Check out our previous blog for more information.


Schedule Out Ahead of Time

No one has the time to choose a picture and write a caption every single day, especially when running all of the other aspects of your small business. Set aside some time each week to draft up your posts and captions, then schedule them out. Plus, when creating the posts all at once, you can really get into the flow of things and create a social campaign that has consistency and theme. Also, scheduling them all out at once will set aside time in your day to day schedule to interact with the comments on the post itself. 


Tailor Your Content to the Platform

Social media isn’t one size fits all; in fact, you will find that each platform has a very different purpose and following. For example, Facebook is preferred by an older demographic, whereas the younger generation gravitates toward Instagram and TikTok. Keep this in mind when creating ads or even social posts. Plus, it’s essential to remember that not all content can be utilized across all platforms, such as links that can’t be easily posted to Instagram. So, as you sit down to develop your social media strategy, plan it out individually for each platform. 


Social media is a great tool to utilize as a small business, and once you know how to properly use it, the possibilities are endless. Do you have any questions about social media marketing? Share them with us in the comments below.

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