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In today’s digital age, it’s impossible to succeed in the long term without an excellent website. Here are some things that a well-optimized site needs in order to drive business to you.

Here’s a stat that you should be paying attention to: 81% of customers conduct online research before buying. That means your digital properties — online profiles and your website — are absolutely critical when it comes to growing your business and attracting new customers.

But when faced with the prospect of building a user-friendly website that helps you drive more business and grow your customer base, you may not know where to start. That’s ok — you can turn to the experts for help. Here are 5 things that your new HVAC or plumbing business needs:

1.  A Simple URL

There’s a few reasons why you’ll need to think hard about your domain when you register it with the company you choose for website hosting.

  • It needs to be easy to remember
  • It needs to be on-brand and associated with your business

Your domain URL should have your company name in it and it should be short and direct enough to be able to use on any and all marketing — even traditional media like print and TV advertisements.

2. Clearly Communicated Business Information

When consumers are doing research before making a decision, they’re looking to learn essential information about your business:

  • Overall business description
  • Services offered
  • Hours of operation
  • Areas served
  • Scheduling availability

If you can’t clearly communicate this information on your website, you run the risk of losing potential business due to customers being unable to learn what they need to make a decision about who to hire for a plumbing or HVAC service project.

3. User-Friendly Menu/Navigation Bar

In the same vein, your website must be easy to navigate. A great user experience starts with a navigation bar that has the right number of clearly defined options and menus.

To make sure your website is hitting the right notes, take a few minutes to complete a simple — yet critically important — exercise:

Put yourself in the mindset of a person looking for the services you provide

Imagine you’re looking for something on your website — information about your history, or types of plumbing services you provide, for example

When you put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never seen your website before, can you click through the menu options on your nav bar and get to the right place the first time?

If the answer is yes, the user experience on your website is roughly in line with user intent. If the answer is no, you may need to rethink your site navigation.

4. A Clear Contact Form or Online Booking Request Form

Ideally, a customer doing research on your website will be convinced and want to schedule a consult or an appointment. Having a clear method of getting in touch or booking online allows users to message you with their questions or otherwise, connect with your business

5. Responsive Design

As of the first few months of 2022, more users are browsing websites from phones, tablets, and other mobile devices than ever before — at a rate of over 57%. Given that half of all web traffic is coming from mobile users, it’s important to hire website developers who know what they’re doing.

With the number of options for screen size and layout, you can’t afford to create an inflexible browsing experience or slow load times on your mobile site.

Contact an Experienced Website Development Agency Today!

At iZone marketing, we’ve built countless plumbing/HVAC websites that have improved our clients’ ability to get new customers and keep the old ones coming back. Get in touch with us today to learn how to make your online customer experience match the quality and care you provide in person!

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