What is personalized marketing?

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With the number of competitors growing each day, personalized marketing has now become the number one strategy for companies to reach out to new potential customers. It involves several steps and factors, such as collecting data and analyzing a digital user’s profile who are more prone to engage with your brand. So how can personalized marketing help your business, and how exactly does it work?

Personalized marketing will help customers’ experience, increasing the loyalty they have towards your brand. As individuals, we like to be heard and feel a company’s service has a purpose, a feeling that is achieved when the message they are communicating is directed towards us, not just to whoever could see it. People are more likely to click if your ads are personalized and catered towards their likes and interests. Only a sufficiently interested person will browse through your products and is most likely to purchase something. Hence, driving more revenue towards your business!

Take, for example, Instagram users that follow specific hashtags. Have you noticed that you will be getting ads that seem to be catered to your taste or are related to the latest posts you have “liked”? This is because Instagram will use the information of what you engage with; that way, they will show you ads that are relevant to you. Ads are funneled through the algorithm process employed by social media channels, further assisting a user in finding accounts they might like, as well as having ads catered towards them.

Additionally, personalized marketing creates consistency across different channels, not only on social media, but also through a user’s email and mobile services, as these are linked to their accounts. The same type of ad, from the same brand or company, will show to the same person when they log in to Facebook

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