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We get it; as a small business, you utilize your social media pages to connect with your customers and clients on a personal basis, which is excellent. But, the issue comes into play when things are being shared on social media that are a little bit too personal or don’t really fit with the voice of the company as a whole. Of course, you want everyone to know that your corporation isn’t just a money-making monster; it is a collection of like-minded individuals working together to create something great. And, each one of those individuals has their thoughts and feelings that should stay separate from company pages. Keep reading to find out what not to post on social media as a small business.


Irrelevant Content

Your company is a leader in your specific industry for a reason, so stick to what you know, and don’t post irrelevant content. Things can get messy if you start posting things about other areas of expertise that you don’t dabble in since customers will be confused about what you really do. Things like memes and funny videos are always great for engagement and comments, but make sure they somehow pertain to your industry. In today’s world, people use social media to find businesses like yours, and if they can’t figure out what exactly you do from just glancing at your page, you might lose potential customers.


Sloppy Content

Perhaps you don’t want to put as much time into social media as you do for other marketing areas, but don’t rush into publishing sloppy content. If potential customers and clients look at your page only to discover grammar and spelling mistakes, they will be less inclined to work with you. If you don’t show meticulous work on your own social media, why should clients expect you to perform to perfection when it comes to theirs?


Controversial Content

We all have our own opinions, and in our minds, we are right, but that doesn’t mean everyone else will agree. You don’t want to risk losing clients, or their respect, by posting something controversial. Of course, continue to post your personal beliefs, but save them for your personal page.
So, when it comes to social media, we encourage you to share content and share it often, but just don’t post anything irrelevant, sloppy, or controversial. The best way to ensure that your social media presence is both professional and engaging is to allow a marketing firm to work on it for you!

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