Social Media Hacks

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No matter what industry you are in, social media plays a large role in every aspect of your success, from marketing schemes to industry trends and even advertising! So, even if you personally aren’t a fan of social media, it’s essential to learn the best practices to help your small business succeed. Keep reading to […]

IG Introduces Reels – Is it Better Than TikTok?

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People love using TikTok to create fun videos, and this has been noticed by many companies, advertising agencies, and even the president! So, it’s no surprise that other social media platforms are looking to duplicate this video editing software. Instagram recently launched Reels, which attempts to make short videos more interesting! At a time when […]

How to Grow Your Number of Followers

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Gaining followers for your small business can be difficult. We’ve been there! I mean, who really follows their local chiropractor’s office on Instagram? We all follow celebrities and huge companies like Apple, but how can we even begin to compare that to our small business that is just starting to grow? Luckily for you, we […]

What Not to Post on Social Media

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We get it; as a small business, you utilize your social media pages to connect with your customers and clients on a personal basis, which is excellent. But, the issue comes into play when things are being shared on social media that are a little bit too personal or don’t really fit with the voice […]